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The cement industry demands strenght and endurance Optibelt for Cement As strong partner for the cement industry, OPTIBELT has the right solution for every specification.The solutions are specifically designed to meet customer specifications for the extreme conditions encountered in quarries. The reliability of maintenance-free high performance belts from OPTIBELT has become common knowledge and they are now used all over the world


Belts for automotive – commercial vehicles – buses Those that want to keep up in the automobile industry have to bring pure quality and 100 % passion. OPTIBELT has both. Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Volvo, Renault, M.A.N., Neoplan or Deutz rely on the makers from Höxter.


OPTIBELT drive solutions are the guarantee that professional craftsman can work with precision. For the machine tooling sector, we have developed high-performance belts that are impressive due to the fact that they run smoothly, power transmission in an effective manner and are extraordinarily reliable. Lathe work, trimming, drilling, milling – even at extreme rotation speeds no disturbing vibrations or noises occur.


Larger, quicker, further – agricultural machines have developed in the past decades tremendously. Innovative and powerful machines that go to the limits of what is feasible only function with drive belts that can keep up with their pace. OPTIBELT has what it takes: The product series “optibelt AGRO POWER” is impressive due to its durability, great ability to run smoothly, efficient power transmission and environmental friendliness. These are drive solutions needed by agriculture in the 21st century


In order for ventilator fans and compressors to run reliably, they need a real “driver” that can easily keep up with high speeds and extreme forces. Suppliers of natural gas can only delivery if the compressors are running. With OPTIBELT products, something is always spinning. Even in the case of highly specific requirements, we are ready and willing. For example, timing belts from the OMEGA FAN POWER series work in an electrically conductive manner.


Belts for drives and transport Tooth, flat and round section belts made from polyurethane for the transport sector. We develop special drive solutions for customer-specific fields of application.


Belts for industry High performance belts by OPTIBELT hold up to extreme conditions. Large machinery for construction, stone crushers, cement mixers, coal-fired power plants: Everywhere where dust, heat, cold, aggressive chemicals or enormous rotation speeds put the material to a difficult test, OPTIBELT displays its strengths.


From XXL to XXS – OPTIBELT can make any size. Above the textile industry profits from this. We produce customised main drive belts meters long for the branch that revs up large knitting machines. In the same machine, filigree OPTIBELT timing belts work to precisely move thousands of tiny knitting needles.


Whether hydraulic excavator, bulldozer or asphalt milling machine – professional machines need professional drive belts. OPTIBELT solutions stand up to the harsh daily routing in the field of road construction. They react to impact load and rapid changes in the direction of rotation just as easily as toward harsh weather conditions. Durability, high level of operational safety, effective power transmission – a drive belt has to offer this for road construction. This is something OPTIBELT understands.