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Products and Services

bms Multi Solutions will provide General, Supply, Business and Professional with specialty and general industrial products and services. What makes bms Multi Solutions unique in this market is our technical abilities to work closely with our clients needs while also providing the outsourced services to reduce the client’s production, maintenance, and safety costs involved with daily operations.

This will be accomplished in the following ways:
     1. Provide quality products to fulfill our client’s needs.
     2. Provide expertise in our field and become a recognized source of trusted quality products.
     3. Market nearly 100,000 products to these clients via an extensive catalog offering.
     4. Stock the demanded essentials required to fulfill our clients needs.
     5. Be available on extended hours of operation to process late in the day orders.
     6. Keep detailed records for repeat orders.
     7. Offer a quality secondary services program to service our clients after-sales needs.
     8. Seek out specialty products and services to set us apart from the competitors.


bms Multi Solutions will distribute and support only the highest quality services and products. With this as our primary mission, we will work closely with our valued clients to establish solid business relationships within the marketplace. Today's market requires new approaches to marketing and client satisfaction. Today's client is seeking the most cost-effective alternatives while expecting the best possible products and services from its vendor base. bms Multi Solutions mission will be to provide all of the above to the marketplace.